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Monday, July 30, 2007

Venezuela: Caracas Subway Collision

Around 9:25 am of today, Monday 30, two trains from the Caracas Subway System Metro de Caracas have collided at Plaza Sucre station. On public television (VTV), President of Metro de Caracas said there are 1 person death and at least 6 injuries. Police forces and Firefighters came immediately to the collision zone.

This is the first time an accident like this occurred in its 2 decades of service. 2 years ago the director of maintenance of Metro de Caracas was fired for be a Chavez Regime opposite. (Using the infamous Tascón List.

Pictures courtesy of Crangel from the forum section of Noticiero Digital

Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007) , Michelangelo Antonioni (1912-2007)

Edited Tuesday July 31, 2007


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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Venezuela: Political Party Retires Support to Hugo Chavez

Yesterday, the political party PODEMOS (the second in importance between the Government's officialism supporters) announces the retirement of their support to the Government of Hugo Chavez.

In words of the assembler deputy, Ismael García, also a member of this political party:

I don't think PODEMOS is in the majority of the National Assembly, but the most important thing is that majority is no longer useful neither to the Country, nor Chavez, and anybody else. I wish the students that support Chavez and those ones that oppose him have fixed stands in the National Assembly to see if in this way interest debates will come up. I warn in private to Cilia Flores(1) that stop talking in behalf of all the deputies every time she declares, because that will make me to do public pressures. In my opinion, a national reconciliation is a must, because behind the irrational confrontation what is hidden is the mediocrity and incapacity.

Deputy García express this yesterday in a meeting of the Civil Association Asociación Civil Radar de los Barrios an association that look after the citizens living in poor conditions in the ghettos of Caracas and other cities of Venezuela.

This declaration coincides with another declaration of Sucre State's Governor Ramon Martínez, (and also the President of PODEMOS) also with strong critics to latest Hugo Chavez politics. So there you have, each day more and more people are retiring their support to Chavez Regime.

(1) Cilia Flores is the current President of the National Assembly.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Venezuela: Proofs last Presidential Elections was a fraud

The Licentiate Ana Díaz from the Venezuelan weekly publication Siete Dias Venezuela in Miami has just exposed some proofs that confirmed last Presidential elections that took place in Venezuela last December 3rd was a fraud and she has exposed some evidence that the Venezuela National Electoral Council (CNE) is integrated by persons attached to the Chavez Regime.

This is the full article translated to English:

Hugo Chavez is not the President of Venezuela and here is the proofs

Before the electoral process in Venezuela, that took place in December 3rd, 2006 many were the denounces that had been made in relation to the Electoral Registry, such as:

  • The increment of one million three hundred thirty nine thousand one hundred and twenty three (1.339.123) voters between January 2006 and and the amount registered in the infrastructure of the National Electoral Council to be used in the day of the elections.
  • Persons with the same full name, same date of birth with 2 or more National Id's(1) with different serial numbers.
  • What thing that is unexplainable is the fact that a third of the municipalities(2) of the country existed more voters than residents.
  • The amount of one million two hundred and seventy thousand nine hundred and forty (1.270.940) of registries changed.
  • Persons with more than 100 years old properly registered for vote.
  • The change of the birth date of more than eighteen thousand nine hundred and eighty one (18.981) voters that have supposed been born on March 15, 1974.
However, in spite of the efforts of many personalities: electoral experts, political, social, civil and even military organizations, that claim for a clean and trusted Electoral Registry. That was simple impossible due to the partiality, submission and subordination of the authorities of the Electoral National Council to the current President - candidate Hugo Rafael Chavez Frías. Now then, in the website www.llegoelmomento.com under my own responsibility I, Ana Mercedez Díaz, Venezuelan, with national ID number 5.564.445 former General Director of Political Parties and who used to work in the National Electoral Council for 25 years, make public the infrastructure of the National Electoral Council made in November 8th of 2006 at 10:50am which has the data base used in the electoral process of December 3rd of 2006 which it is evidenced in a certain way with an instrument sourced from the CNE al the denounces made is totally true. This data base (made and used by the same National Electoral Council) works to run and do "query" of information that reveals:

  • Municipalities with more voters than residents.
  • Changes in the Electoral Registry made in fraudulent way.
  • The presence of persons with the same full name, birth date and more than one National ID, among other cases.
The most important thing is that you would be able to determine the foreign citizens (terrorist or not) that were gift with a Venezuelan ID and be able to vote and enter to other countries using a Venezuelan Identity. How come? There is a common relation between the date of birth, the age and the ID number, I.E. those persons born in the 60's have an average of ID number starting in 5 million, that could detect exceptions. This correlation is applied until year 2000 when the process of granting Id's inspection was eliminated and the Mision Identidad was introduced. I the same website you will find all the denounces and proofs related to the acquisition of 5.040 voting machines that were not audited, being able to manipulate more than three million six hundred thousand votes. After you access to all the proofs, we could conclude that everyone that tell about going to another electoral process under these premises has the interest of legitimate Hugo Chavez in the power.
And just below to this article you could download the Electoral Registry the CNE used in the last electoral process of Venezuela when the opposition candidate Manuel Rosales set a monetary arrangement to accept the results. Also you could see a Spanish letter that this attorney sent to Tibisay Lucena, the current President of the CNE.

(1) The "Cédula de Identidad" is the Venezuela national ID
(2) A municipality is a territorial division of the States in Venezuela

By the way, Tibisay Lucena didn't vote on last years elections until she was designed as President of the CNE and the "Electoral Power", but apparently she didn't sign out the petition of a referendum against neither the opposition parliamentarians nor the President back in 2005. (In Venezuela there are 5 Powers: Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, Moral and Electoral).

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cloverfield/01-18-08: Confirmed it is a MONSTROUS Movie!

Just a couple of minutes ago the team behind J. J. Abrams' mysterious movie known as Cloverfield/Slusho/01-18-08 took the stage of the 2007 Comic-Con in San Diego and they revealed some info about the mysterious movie that went all Internet and movie addicts into a viral marketing (including me).

“I want a monster movie, I've wanted one for so long. I was in Japan and all he wanted to go is to toy stores. And we saw all these Godzilla toys, and I thought, we need our own monster, and not King Kong, King Kong's adorable. I wanted something that was just insane and intense. It's almost done shooting and I watch dailies and I'm more excited for them. We have 6 months before this comes out. We're going to have a whole bunch of things, a whole bunch more."

“You think we'd call it Monstrous? No…"

This is what J.J. Abrams said in the 2007 Comic Con in San Diego according to Alex Billington from Firstshowing.net. Also J.J. revealed the first poster of the movie, and yes it is exactly like that one that some guy took a snapshot from a store in California some days ago and has been spreading all over Internet, but without the title, so it's remains unofficial if the movie title is "Monstrous".

But one thing has already been confirmed, it is a Monster Movie, and not a remake, is a brand new kind of monster, but very in the same style of the Lost smoky monster if you ask me about.

Hey, what about if they start a contest which anybody through Internet could decide the name of the movie, that would be interesting, well, at least for us, maybe not so much for Paramount.

Poster image courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Minority Rights: Discrimination against persons with HIV+ in Venezuela

The Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela (TSJ) declared unfounded and "unfounded to appeal" the help application presented in this Court by the Foundation "Reflejos por Venezuela" which they want HIV patients to have health benefits, including insurance policies.

Members of this foundation hold a press meeting where they express that this decision is an infringement of the Human Rights of those persons with AIDS.

Dr. Adrian said with this decision, the persons that already have an insurance policy would stop having a right contemplated in the Constitution of the country and also in the International Declaration of Human Rights, signed by Venezuela. The decision could affect also persons with other sexual transmission diseases, including young adults and children. This foundation says they could take actions to International Organizations.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Venezuela: The Oil Industry? Only If you are RED!

I want to share with everybody an advertisement published on the Zulia State main newspaper "Panorama". Below is a scanned image from the newspaper, then I will translate entirely what it says. The ad is from the Venezuela Oil Company Petroleos de Venezuela, and they are on a search for professionals in the Oil Sector to work for the Company, but not everyone, only RED ones:

To Work in Zulia State

100 University Professionals from Administrative or Technical branches


  • It is fundamental the absolute knowledge of Law of Bids.
  • Minimal experience (verifiable) of 5 years in the following areas: Recruiting process under the modality of general bid, direct awards, selective, competition for credentials, private competition, participation of technical specifications, dear of cost, administrative technician formation, technical-economical analysis, records of results, records from other considerations, elaboration of contracts with the application of norms and procedures of the Oil Industry.
  • Advanced knowledge in the managements of calculation sheets, presentation and elaboration of documents.
  • Resolution of problems oriented and for team work. Age/Sex is not a limiation.
We offer:
  • Excellent work environment.
  • Agreement remuneration according to experience.
Everyone interested please send your CV's and one letter sheet with detailed description, indicating examples of the modalities where you has worked and how has you contributed in the elaboration and development of those bid processes.

Address: Tia Juana. Postal Code: 4017 P.O Box 06
Maracaibo Postal Code 4001-A, midtown. P.O. Box 172

Federal Tax ID: J-00123072-8

I think there's nothing to say here. (I hope the people from Vheadline.com has something to say about it).

PD: BTW, did you know guys that I only have one week with this blog, and when I posted an article about Vheadline Group, in just 7 hours one of them reach this blog and post a comment saying I have "Psychotic Dissociation", strange wright.

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PD: I use the term "Red" in this article as in ironic way to express my rejection to the fact that you could only work on the Venezuela Oil Industry only if you are agree with Chavez politics. Also in Venezuela, Chavez supporters and the Government identify themselves with the red color, even Chavez signs all documents only with a red pen!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Venezuela: Indigenous Tribes Raised Voices Against Chavez

Indigenous from the tribe Wayuu say the "so called Bolivarian Revolution" keeps a genocide politics. Members from the tribe Wayuu from Venezuela attend the Second Meeting of EZLN with people from the World, in Mexico, with a message of brotherhood and a strongly critics to the Chavez Regime. They say Chavez still continuous with the "Neo-liberal Politics" in Indigenous lands with a "double speech, that in deep is a lack of respect to the communities, a manipulation, and, in the end, a genocide".

"We all here are humans, brothers, sisters, grandparents, in the defense of what we are" said Cachirí Maikiralasa'lii from the Organization Wayuu del Socuy. "Since the Zapatist uprising in January 1st, 1994 and the next development of fights for the autonomy of the rebel communities in Chiapas, not only represents for Indigenous Communities the consequence presence of the rebel spirit and the resistance of our people, but after all, the insurgence in the board of politics fight in the Continent for the ones more desperate, for been considered nonexistent, away from a far past, the already death, insignificant for been minority, prehistoric and many other pejorative appellatives which since the Colony to Neo-Colony times they are taking us away from our own history".

The Wayuu's attend the 6th "Declaration of Lacandona Jungle" and "The Other Campaign" "because, in spite of in our country the forces that now occupy the Government in Venezuela call themselves Socialist, Revolutionaries, and also Anti-imperialists, the fight for survive in our communities and cultures is our biggest urgency. For above anti-Bush and supposedly anti-neoliberal speeches from Hugo Chavez, is fact that the Economic development plans from the so called Bolivarian Revolution represent the setting of projects and programs with Transnationals of Globalization, of their financial entities (
IMF and World Bank) and the Unites States' State in our country. The Wayuu, Añu and Bari tribes pointed out: "are the Estate-Government's representatives which has been making a pact with the Imperialist Transnationals the deliver of the Indigenous lands from all the country for the exploitation of mineral, Carboniferous , gas and oil resources, against the will & decision of the Indigenous Communities in Venezuela".

Chavez Supporters and press under his control express the Wayuu are "contra-revolutionaries" and they accuse them of "making rightist games". Last May 1st. President Chavez made a compromise for not do works for oil and carb inside the Indigenous territories if this affect those peoples. "It didn't happen so many days when the State Company Corpozulia and the Transnationals started and aggressive campaign for the continuity of the exploration activities". Plus, "with the support of the main State industry (Petroleos de Venezuela) and the National Army Forces(1) they have given the action to divide the Indigenous Communities with populist and assistance programs".

(1)The National Army Forces is now called "The Bolivarian Army Forces".

This article is based from an article written in Spanish in the Mexican newspaper La Jornada, Online edition.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Venezuela: Former Ministry of Defense Strongly Criticized Chavez Regime

Gnral. Raul Isaias Baduel, that until yesterday was the Ministry of People's Power for Defense expressed strongly critics to Chavez administration during the act of transfer of military control. He compare latest Chavez politics with former Soviet Union and warns: "We can't let our system be transform to a Capitalism of State, where the State is the only owner of the mass media production".

He also said:

The Communist War teach us that it can't be established an abrupt change on the economic system, I mean the abolition of private property rights and the brutal socialization of mass media production without produce negative consequences on the production of goods and services and without produce a massive dissatisfaction on citizens... ... We can't forget something that for but evident that is, many times we obviate: before start spreading wealth, we need to produce it. We can't spread something that doesn't exist. This formula has not been invented yet.

The model of Socialism we develop, must to be that one that shows us the way to produce wealth first, and next an equal distribution of that wealth... ...Our socialist model must to be that one that shows rights to the people, not duties... ...Our model must to be deeply democratic with counterbalances and division of power.

Source: Globovision (Tranlation by myself).

"Content reserved. You are granted to copy and publish the content of this article in part or its totality without modifying its structure and/or content and quoting the author"

Don't trust on VHeadline.com

I've been checking this site: Vheadline Venezuela, "News & Views about Venezuela" and their really news they have from Venezuela is ZERO. In fact I could say they are support financially by Hugo Chavez Regime as we know Hugo Chavez has persons operating inside the United States, mostly doing attacks over Internet. They formerly be known as Circulos Bolivarianos, and they established groups around 7 years ago in cities like New York, Chicago and Miami.
Critics of the Chavez regime have always claimed that the Bolivarian circles were inspired by the Cuban "Committees for the Defense of the Revolution" (CDR).

The persons behind Vheadline Venezuela say "VHeadline.com remains 100% independent of all political factions in Venezuela" but the true is very far behind.

If you check the site you immediately came with this name "Carlos M. Pietri". If you check the Hugo Chavez Supporters from Aporrea.org, a well-known site that offers opinion in favor of Chavez Regime and against the opposition (so far that they delete and block any forum posts expressing opinions against Chavez, also they used to express violent and hate calls) you could read a writing from this guy expressing congrats to this site. Just in the link from above, you could read in spanish:

Los felicito por su pagina y periódico digital, el cual cada día cuenta con mas popularidad entre los venezolanos, mantengan la objetividad, tal como lo exige la profesión de periodista; porque el medio está lleno de mediocres vendidos y comprometidos con los intereses de los poderosos, en los cuales ya nadie cree.


Carlos M. Pietri

This guy expresses congratulations to the site for their 4th year, he says the site have a lot of supporters ( truly NOT) and say the media is full of mediocre people.

This kinda look guys are what in Venezuela we called "TARIFADOS" (Tariffed). This kind of guys receive money from Chavez Regime to say this and spread a politic opinion in favor of Dictator Hugo Chavez (following Goebbels principles). Not all of them are on this way, many of them are truly Chavez supporters that still believed President Chavez are on the good path. (Hope Mr. Pietri and the rest of the persons behind VHeadline are on this last type of Chavez supporters).

Also they say they are completely established in USA. How they will get real news from Venezuela, without be in Venezuela. I'm in Venezuela and I can tell you guys what is happening here and what is happening here is a Marxist-Leninist savage dictatorship regime that chase opposition, even committing assassination. (Hope the directory of VHeadline.com find persons inside Venezuela that express REAL news and persons who are REALLY independent).

Also Chavez regime are on way to re-take the spreading of Guerrillas warfare all over the Americas, but this time there is a twist, because this time, terrorist Islamic groups are apparently involved in this guerrillas warfare. In Venezuela is well-commented the "good" relationship between Chavez and Hezbollah, Cuban G2 (with a major presence in Venezuela), and there is also accusations of supporting Al-Qaeda. Actually there is an Organization of Venezuelan Exiles (ORVEX) that claim to have evidence of the presence of Osama Bin-Laden in Margarita Island, Venezuela last April (apparently preparing an attack to Guantamo Base under the name "Plan Caribe", but I couldn't find some kind of information that support this, so at this time is just people speculating on Internet).

So please help me to spread the real news from Venezuela and avoid information that came from VHeadline Group and its Director Roy S. Carson, that are not really independent and real news.

More information about Chavez - Hezbollah relationships here

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Venezuela: More students arrested

Juan Andrés Mejias, a student of the highest level University of Venezuela, Universidad Simón Bolivar and his 3 brothers was arrested last Saturday and charged of "incitement to hate" when they delivered some brochures in the Caracas Olympic Stadium where a match game from Copa America was held (that stadium, by the way, belongs to and is built inside the UCV University).

Two days ago, a judge sentenced the 4 students (from age 18 to 25) to parole, with a prohibition to assist to any kind of public demonstration. Also they had to present each 8 days to the tribunal.

Juan Andrés Mejias is candidate to the Presidency of the Student Council of USB University. There is also a denounce to Great Mayor of Caracas, Juan Barreto for beat a Professor in the mentioned Stadium. Saturday the stadium welcomed the match for the 3rd and 4th place of the soccer tournament Copa America. Watch video here.

Also last Sunday on Maracaibo city, a student bus was captured by army forces and all of the students on the bus and the chauffeur was taken to a Military Base, the motive of the capture was possession of brochures advertising a demonstration. At this time we don't have any more information of these persons, but they still remain captive by Chavez regime.

Photo courtesy of newspaper "El Tiempo" Online edition.

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Venezuela: Chavez to control Cable & Satellite Networks

Yesterday, the Venezuela's Ministry for Communication affairs (Ministry of People's Power for Communication and Information) William Lara said the Government will propose a reform to the Law that controls the content of TV & Radio broadcasting for "those who operate Cable and Satellite TV broadcasting to be forced to broadcast the National Anthem and the public addresses of the Executive, the Electoral National Council and the Public Powers of the country".

"We will introduce this propose on the following days to the Vice-Presidency of the Republic, which is the public coordinator of the Enabling Act and next it will depends on the work's dynamic when this law will be settled by the Ministry Council".

The announce was realized on a public radio station program.

"Content reserved. You are granted to copy and publish the content of this article in part or its totality without modifying its structure and/or content and quoting the author"

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gay Rights: Spain organization denounces gay genocide in Iran

The FELGTB (Federación Estadal de Lesbianas Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales) from Spain denounces the beginning of a genocide in Iran of homosexuals and transsexuals.

We make a call to Iranian gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals to leave the country. For next 18th of July at 12:30h we will do a concentration at the embassy of Iran in Spain to demand the government of this country to an immediate put on hold the announced execution.

After the announcement done by the spokesman of the Iranian Judicial Power, Ali Reza Yamshidi, from which one is going away to come to the execution of 20 people condemned by adultery and homosexuality. The photo above correspond to the execution of two homosexual young people in Iran, and other 15 are in the middle of the corresponding legal procedure, within a plan that it has as objective “to clean to the cities of criminals and evildoers” the FELGTB wishes to condemn the genocide that it means.

The President of the FELGTB, Antonio Poveda, has made a call to the international community for “the exigency of respect to the human rights in Iran. The scorn to the life of the people and the total absence of freedom are something more than a sporadic holder in a newspaper: They have to mean in our countries the social rebellion and it repulses, and the exigency to our Governments of a consensus and forceful action in defense of the values of coexistence and they take shelter in the Declaration of the Human rights”.

On the other hand, David Montero, person in charge of the FELGTB for international matters, condemned the “strategy of criminalization of the homosexual love which they carry out all the religious fundamentalism, that are fomenting hatred towards lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals.

From FELGTB we announced the beginning of mobilizations against the Iranian government because this total violation of the fundamental human rights and announces that for next 18th of July at 12:30h to make a concentration at the embassy of Iran in Spain to demand to the government of this country to immediate put on hold the announced executions.

Article translated to English from its original by FELGTB

Friday, July 13, 2007

Politics: More Videos from Venezuela

I've gathered more videos that not need words. They show the brutalilty of this twist of Hugo Chavez regime to totalitarian dictatorship that Venezuelans start to compare with Miloseviç in Serbia, Caeuçescu in Rumania, and even Hitler.

Those Police officers belong to "Policia Metropolitana" under control of the Great Mayor of Caracas, Juan Barreto, one of Chavez unconditionals. Some people in Caracas say they are not Venezuelan but Cuban (in Spanish, Cuban accent is very strong and easy to identify). It's very clear they are using fireguns. After shooting students, they start shooting to resident buildings (The people that leaves here starts throwing flower pots and milk bottles to defend students), also we could hear the people beating their kitchen pans.

Next is another video with police officers of the same "Policia Metropolitana" in Chacaito, Caracas. The persons that shot this video are in Europa Tower and they said the Police get inside the building (They speak and tell all along the video).

In the next video, the protest goes all day until night. In the night the police force showes up and start shooting with fireguns and tear gas (but there are several reports that Chavez regime are using mustard gas)

The next video shows military forces getting inside a University in Zulia State. The video was taken by the University TV station.

"Content reserved. You are granted to copy and publish the content of this article in part or its totality without modifying its structure and/or content and quoting the author"

Politics: Hugo Chavez Regime Unmasked

Hugo Chavez regime has been unmasked by Chavez himself. After the TV Station RCTV was shutdown for be and opposition-aligned TV Station, Several persons around Venezuela take the streets to protest against the cut of freedom of expression and all other forms of freedoms in Venezuela. On Chacao Municipality in Venezuela's capital city Caracas, a group of persons take an important avenue on May 28, 2007 and protest against this and other totalitarian actions of Hugo Chavez regime. But a group of guys from the Ministry of Habitat open fire to protesters (students) with big guns (.44 and also a M4 rifle). The following video was shot by one of the students on the protest (using a digital video camera with zoom in) located at safe place. The video was presented later on a TV Station, Globovision (a UHF/Cable TV station, the only one not censured by the government).

Part I

Part II

At some point we could see some police officers that came to the zone, but doing nothing. There are speculations about the arriving of this kind of guns in Venezuela (BTW, gun handling is forbidden by law in Venezuela) . Some people say it came from Cuba and Iran, with a bunch of persons involved in some kinds of terrorism, including the Cuban G-2, Colombia Guerrillas, and even Islamic extremist groups. On Internet some people that claim to be workers on the International Airport "Simon Bolivar" say they's sought people from Cuba and Iran entering from ramp number 4 of the Airport with no passport, visas or other kind of ID's and also with mistery wooden boxes. In 2003, a Fidel Castro's Spy (Uberto Mario) deserted and today is in Miami, US and he has been going to TV and Radio Interviews to tell all the dark side of Cuba regime and its actions on Venezuela. You can watch one of these interview here: Part I | Part II

(Unfortunately is in Spanish and I couldn't found an English translation).

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